Class: the ability to quick change to Soldier, Engineer, Leutenant or Medic with pre-set weapon_bank 3

Demo with getstatus: Record a demo that auto includes getstatus of players on server

Field Of View (FOV): changes the FOV distance from 90, 110, 115, 120 the lowest can be set to 50 

Names: Edit this CFG and replace [YOURname] with the name of your choice  

OSP: OSP config with explanations next to each command

Screenshot: the ability to take screenshots in JPEG format

Screen Res: screen size, everyone should edit it in relation to his PC settings 

Spawn: Quick spawn select without using Limbo menu

Voice: a custom CFG that asigns Vsay and vsay_team voices to the number pad a list of Vsay & Vsay_team can be found in Console Commands 

Trick Jump: In game commands (nofatigue, save & load) 

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