The Dark Army 

Having the modification being delayed helped a lot in increasing the story background. There's gonna be some deeper backstory about The Dark Relic (which is the artifact Deathshead's uses to raise The Dark Army) treating with black-magic sorcery stories which are reported to have really happened. The intention here is to reinforce the occult part of the modification. All of this through readable books, note-boards and note-books. The introduction scene has also been cutscene-ed and extended.


V e n d e t t a

Intelligence Agency has learned that the nazi Germans developing based on new air apparatus "Helicopter" combat prototypes, which can destroy armored vehicles and infantry. Are you an agent resistance which had the task to destroy important person of the Third Reich. Now your mission is even more difficult and more important to find real evidence and documentation of the project before military prototypes apply in practice.

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