What you should know before jumping into any DeathMatch (DM) servers or Objective (Obj) servers

1. The first thing you should know is... Basically where to go?
Well, if you've NEVER EVER played any DM before, you should explore the map before you continue this topic.
So, everyone goes to Inner Compound. Usually downstairs.
In Objective, just follow your friends and explore all the maps.

2. Which weapon should you pick?
DM-Choose your favourite. Except sten. Don't use sten unless you are a professional player, or you just wanna have some fun
Obj-Use sten, it has a freaking good aim and it's the best weapon for FUN server, then there's MP40.

Play The Fucking Objective!
In this gamemode, the objective is to stay alive and kill every enemy. Sounds easy? Really? Cuz it's not.
Why, you ask? Well:

a) You have to watch out for your teammates. If any one of you gets killed, you have to revive him NO MATTER WHAT. Except when he is a dumbass because he forgot to get behind cover. Yeah, don't rush for your teammates especially when they are in the middle of an open field
b) Stick together. Now this is going to be interesting.
Never go alone if you don't know what you are doing.
If the enemy rushes you, and they have advantage (like 5 vs 2) then run away until you have a chance to pick them 1 by 1 (I guess that's easy to learn).
c) Notify your teammates. E.G. when the enemy comes from behind, say "Incoming" or just type in the chat AS FAST AS YOU CAN.

4. Trickjumping (also know as bunnyhopping)
You should know at least the basics of trickjumping. Trust me, this is gonna make your life easier. Play some TJ maps in AoD TJ.

Now, some tricks:

Let me tell you some tricks about both OBJ and DM.

1. Making suprises for enemy is always fun. So make sure someone always tries to go from behind. If you are the one, than don't forget to tell your teammates when should they rush. It's an easy win for your team

2. DropReload (or Fast Reload)
There are some scripts around the web for dropreload.
Why should you use a script instead of just dropping your weapon? Well, as you may have noticed, you don't pick up your weapon instantly after you dropped it (unless you are facing an object). With that easy script I forgot, you can instantly pick it up

/bind [Key] ";+dropweapon;-dropweapon;+activate;-activate"

3. No Blood on screen when shot
Yup, you've heared it, and you can remove it. How great is that? I dunno
Meake sure you've got punkbuster before you try this!
Check our CONFIG PAGE HERE. Look for the blood scripts, save them as CFG file, put it in MAIN and edit it as you wish.
Now you can see how big and annoying the knockback is in RTCW :3

3. Trickjumping
Do you know how to trickjump? No? Than this is for you!
Here's some tips:

a) You may noticed that your stamina increases faster when you crouch. Than why don't you crouch in mid air? That's right, you can do that!
Hold sprint, jump, release sprint, crouch, release crouch, sprint again, and jump. I think you get the idea. You don't? Read it again
b) You are much faster when you are jumping across and not stright forward. Like, pressing WA intead of just W. Faster? Faster! Use it while jumping around to get higher speed! Dont forget to look left and right tho.

c) Do you know the MP_Base map? Yes? Than you may already know about the staircase in IC. I bet you know how annoying is that when you make some sound while running up the staircase. And i bet you think the only way to avoid that is by either walking or crouching. But it's sooooo slooooooooooooow... Let me tell you something. There's another way
By jumping up, of course! If you are fast enugh to press space and jump without running on the staircase, you don't make any sound! Use it to get advantage on your enemys

4. Scripts
You may think this is a game where you can win by just playing normal. Well, that's only half the truth. Let me tell you some useful commands:

a) /seta cg_fov <--- Changes your Field Of View
Just between 90-120. Don't forget, if you don't like this change, the default is 90

b) /sensitivity <--- Changes your mouse sensitivity
Not just 1, 2, 3, but even 1.111111111111111119 *LOL*
Better than that shitty thing in the options menu, i guess.

c) /seta cg_autoswitch <--- Let me explain it with examples. Everyone loves examples! IMPORTANT!!!
So, there's a knife on the ground and there's an enemy in front of you. sh** happens, gunfight n everything, when suddenly you walk on top of that tiny little annoying knife, you pick it up, and you automatically switch to knife. And you die, of course. Now, to avoid that, you should change this to 3. Right now, the game automatically switch to primary weapons only. Like you lost your gun while dropreloading, you just have to walk on it, and it automatically switches to it. Useful, huh?

d) /set name <---sets your name to something. Why is it better than /name command?
/set name allows you to to have space between characters. Like this:
Cat Hun
With /name you can't, and you either have to do something like this:
Or if you try to leave space between them, it will look like this:
Cat <--- that's right, the Hun is gone :\

f) /color <--- Disable/Enable autoreload
You may noticed that if you run out of ammo, the game automatically reloads your weapon, giving an advantage to your enemys. To avoid that, simply set /color to 1
To set it back, write /color 0 (or 2, idk) <--- why would you do that?  

Hope this topic helped!

//Written by Cat on GFC FORUM\\

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